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Joint go-to-market strategy features self-service hardware and software solutions

Aliso Viejo, California-9th October 2019- UST Global, a leading digital transformation solutions company, launches a partnership with world-class kiosk manufacturer ZIVELO, best known for providing kiosks to the largest fast-food chains across North America, to allow its clients to purchase ZIVELO’s digital solutions through their existing relationships.

Under this joint go-to- market strategy, UST Global and ZIVELO will collaborate to deliver unique workflow functionality focused on self-service and productivity that will improve efficiency and streamline operations for their customers.

 “We are delighted to announce this strategic partnership with ZIVELO, whose pedigree across multiple industries is exemplary. Combining their digital kiosks technology and our digital transformation services with customer experience focus will undoubtedly bring about significant benefits to our clients worldwide,” said Krishna Prasad, Chief Customer Officer, UST Global.

“This innovative partnership effectively pairs two organizations with a mission-to translate transformational discoveries into endless applications across multiple industries including Healthcare, Retail, Banking & Financial Services, Travel, Hospitality and more,” said Mahesh Athalye, Senior Director, UST Global.

“With the rapidly growing demand for ZIVELO’s products, we are pleased to announce this collaboration.” Says Ryan Lagace, ZIVELO’s VP of Strategic Partnerships. UST Global has quickly expanded in multiple industries that ZIVELO is just beginning to penetrate. With strong footprints in retail, banking and healthcare, this partnership will put both companies on the fast track to success.

“We are excited to add UST Global to our growing partner ecosystem. UST Global brings unique capabilities for integration of disparate systems as well as customer facing software development & support capabilities that can be used on our kiosks to improve customer experiences” said Rusty Gaynes, Director of Channel Sales at ZIVELO.

The partnership between ZIVELO and UST Global allows both companies to spearhead strong brand power and global reseller capabilities to further meet the need of clients. The digital transformation in the retail self-service industry is undoubtedly a complex undertaking for almost every retail organization. Besides, it is both a vital and inevitable evolution of digital kiosks. Success in these major transformation projects depends not only on the selection of the best-in-class technology solutions but also best-in-class services to ensure the successful deployment and integration of those solutions.