CASE STUDY | ZIVELO Uses the Intel NUC to Create New Ordering Kiosks

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ZIVELO’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands use technology to interact with their consumers. Founded in 2008, ZIVELO has rapidly grown to become the leading self-service kiosk brand providing powerful, market-tested hardware, software, services, and financing solutions.

Some of the biggest restaurant brands in the nation have chosen ZIVELO as their go-to kiosk partner, including three of the top quick service restaurants (QSR) in the country. That’s why Arizona-based fast-casual restaurant Thai Chili 2 Go turned to ZIVELO to create approachable menu kiosks targeting diners unfamiliar with Thai food, or diners wishing to skip traditional lines in favor of faster self check-out.

Thai Chili 2 Go asked that ZIVELO’s touchscreen kiosks be paired with a payment device and receipt printer, making the ordering process entirely self-service, fast,and efficient. This way, frequent diners would be able to avoid the lines, ordertheir favorites quickly and easily, then pick up their order when called.

“Not only do our systems shorten wait times for the customer, they also increaseprofits for each location, by increasing revenue received during peak businesshours, as well as increasing the average ticket size,” states Chris Augur, President of ZIVELO.

Thai Chili 2 Go gave ZIVELO three months to create and implement the new ordering system. ZIVELO’s team has template-based solutions that can be customized to work for a range of deployments. This capability, along with ZIVELO’s quick-ship program, enable rapid implementation for the customer.

Meeting customer requirements in about 4-inches square

For Thai Chili 2 Go, the self-service kiosk needed to facilitate ordering, payment, a receipt, and an order number that would be announced when the customer’s food was ready. Thai Chili 2 Go also needed the ability to quickly modify menu items and promotional information.

To achieve this, the kiosk experience was integrated with multiple hardware and software solutions. This is a typical task for ZIVELO and they turned to their hardware partner, Intel, and the Intel® NUC7i5BNK. The NUC7i5BNK is an almost zero footprint system that sits inside the kiosk and delivers all the compute power needed to run the kiosk software, including a new software menu interface, POS software, and credit card processing software.

Chris Augur says “The Intel NUC serves wonderfully. We used the NUC that our Intel representative recommended. The systems are reliable and compact—which is a good thing because space is a luxury inside the kiosk. So, a small form factor PC that is only about 4-inches square is essential for our QSR kiosk solutions.”

Restaurants often have sporadic network connectivity environments. So theunderlying solution needs to support both online and offline environments,accommodating data connectivity in either scenario. Because the NUC can take advantage of Ethernet or WiFi, and has room for on-board storage, the systemcan continue to function in many situations including offline.

A proven solution to light up digital kiosks and signage

The Intel NUC comes in a range of performance options with processors ranging from entry level to the Intel® CoreTM i3, i5, and i7 processors. “We have used the NUC in a range of our kiosk and digital signage solutions,” Augur said. “In addition to the small form factor,” Augur notes, “the Intel NUC kits and Mini PCs are availablewith the Intel® CoreTM vProTM processor which we find a very helpful extensionof capabilities.”

The Intel® vProTM platform enables ZIVELO’s engineers and technicians to monitor PC metrics in real-time. At any time, they can assess the state and health of thekiosk without having to be on-site. Configured warnings and notifications letengineers or technicians know when there is a need for concern before an issue arises. An especially advantageous feature of the Intel vPro platform is the ability to remotely turn the kiosk on, even when it has been powered down completely.

From concept to delivery 30% faster than expected

ZIVELO progressed from concept to delivery in three months, achieving Thai Chili 2 Go’s timeline.

Augur closes with a final thought. “Another benefit for any business that deploysthe kiosks we created is that a kiosk never forgets to upsell or mention limited timeoffers. Typically, ZIVELO’s clients see up to 50% ticket lift on average in QSRs frompatrons that use the kiosk versus traditional counter orders.”

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