CASE STUDY | Client “W” Realizes Kiosk Pilot ROI in 12 Weeks

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One of the main challenges that Client W faces is high labor costs as a result of exponential growth (a good problem to have). That said, it has become crucial to optimize operations across the board. Now imagine this: A personalized simple solution that is always on time, always accurate, and never forgets to upsell. Kiosks are the perfect answer for the (good) growing pains of exponential growth as they can always keep up.

As consumers evolve to a more digital-focused era, the ordering system must respond to meet new tech standards. Integrating self-order Kiosks provides Client W a new platform for self-ordering, customization, and loyalty programs, all of which have delivered positive results.


Client W reported ROI in less than a year on their entire kiosk fleet, with pilot payback in as little as 12 weeks. Customers aren’t just ordering more from the 300 self-serve kiosks currently installed throughout many of Client W’s locations, but are also providing positive feedback on experience surveys saying how “delighted” they were to interact on a kiosk. Customers want personalization and customization, and they want to do it themselves. ZIVELO offers Kiosk solutions to not only accelerate the timeline for ROI and payback time but a tech-savvy solution increase customer retention rates.