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You don’t have to look far to see the impact that self-service kiosks have had on the rental marketplace and how consumers spend their money.

DVD and game rental kiosks probably come first to mind as these kiosks are popping up virtually everywhere and have transformed the movie and game rental industries – leaving some big brick and mortar companies in the dust.

Rental kiosks are so successful because they provide and quick and convenient service to consumers on the run without the enormous overhead that retailers face in a storefront setting.

The self-service $1-per-day rental vending machine industry is generating billions in revenue for industry leaders and future sales are estimated to soar as demand continues to rise

Consumers respond positively to the low cost and ease of product selection in addition to the convenience of the kiosk locations, which are often present in high-traffic areas within communities. Innovative companies are also emerging to help independent operators, retailers and other investors, tap into the lucrative DVD and game rental market by manufacturing private kiosks incorporating their own brand.

In addition to DVD and game rentals, there are a multitude of other rental industries taking advantage of self-service kiosks to offer rentals of products and services such as bicycles, storage, internet access, and electricity for device charging.

The possibilities and applications are endless. As self-service continues to grow, people are becoming more comfortable interacting with touchscreens and enjoy the convenience of fast, targeted purchasing.

Virtually anything the mind can conceive - ZIVELO’s lines of self-service kiosk and digital signage products can achieve, providing the users with products and services right at their fingertips.

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