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Museum and Video Kiosks

Museums were among the first industries to implement touchscreen kiosks - well before they hit the mainstream and are by far an industry leader in self-service technology integration. Museum curators find that interactive displays offer a new element of learning for their patrons by encouraging interactivity.

A visitor’s museum experience is enriched through media, including dynamic videos, sounds and touchscreens - engaging visitors and serving as a great educational tool. Museum kiosks can also be used to promote upcoming exhibits, generate leads, help visitors navigate through the museum, and collect contact information.

In the age of Internet and mobile devices, it’s a natural evolution to incorporate digital media kiosks into the static museum landscape. In museums, self-service kiosks and public terminals are often incorporated into an exhibit’s design. Exhibit development, an industry credited with pushing the envelope of kiosk design, has emerged due to the prevalence of interactive exhibit technology integration.

Exhibit designers have a competitive edge when integrating kiosks as they offer the ability to connect to a network of evolving news and communication – museum-wide or exhibit-specific, and can be updated from a central location in real time.

Museum visitors have come to expect cutting-edge technology as well as an element of interaction to be part of the overall museum experience. Museum kiosks allow visitors to experience more fully objects they’re not typically allowed to touch. Visitors can view artifacts at 360-degree angles and zoom in for a closer look using a kiosk touchscreen.

By utilizing kiosks within the museum sector, there is also the benefit of added portability for traveling museum or classroom exhibit opportunities.

The possibilities and applications are endless. As self-service continues to grow, people are becoming more comfortable engaging with touchscreens and enjoy the convenience of digital interaction.

Virtually anything the mind can conceive - ZIVELO’s lines of self-service kiosk and digital signage products can achieve, providing users with products and services right at their fingertips.

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