Go Green With Zivelo

Being environmentally friendly is one of the core values at the foundation of our company. As an innovator within our industry, we have a social responsibility to set a positive example wherever we can.

For example, our global tree planting initiative involves a commitment to plant multiple trees in connection with every kiosk we produce for every client. Since launching this campaign in 2011, we have planted trees in countries throughout the world.

We are also constantly developing processes to reduce manufacturing waste and offset our carbon footprint wherever possible. Some of the green initiatives that have been in place since our company’s inception include:

  • Utilizing a minimum amount of post-consumer materials
  • Providing recycling containers throughout all of our facilities
  • Producing our kiosk enclosures from aircraft grade aluminum which is fully recyclable at the end of life
  • Utilizing electronically bonded powder coat finishes that are approved by the EPA to be VOC free and can be retrieved and reused
  • Offering anyone who wants to trade in their unattractive, old, and outdated kiosks for our contemporary designs up to $500 per unit. These terminals will often be reused in third world countries or recycled via electronic recyclers.

It is our hope that other companies within the self-service technology industry will see the difference that we can make and join us in our efforts to make this world a greener place.

For more information or suggestions regarding our green initiatives, please email green@zivelo.com.